Fujifilm unveils expanded pulmonology solutions portfolio with addition of new scope


Fujifilm has unveiled its expanding pulmonology solutions portfolio at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress in Barcelona with the addition of a new slim bronchoscope.

Fujifilm, while known for its pioneering endoscope systems, is also an active manufacturer of bronchoscopes and other pulmonology solutions. Through the addition of its latest scope, the EB-710P, Fujifilm can now deliver its most powerful and comprehensive portfolio of pulmonology and bronchoscopy solutions to improve patient outcomes and early diagnosis.

Healthcare professionals continuously face the challenge to do more with less: less funding and less time. A lack of capacity in lung cancer screening can cause delays to diagnosis; early diagnosis is vital to support better patient outcomes. Fujifilm’s expanded product portfolio means the ability to support enhanced diagnostic pathways and treatment planning for patients suffering with their lung health, helping healthcare practitioners to improve patient care.

The suite of pulmonology solutions includes a broad product offering that a pulmonologist could need for the entire diagnostic patient care pathway – from screening solutions such as X-ray and CT, diagnostic solutions such as endoscopic systems, bronchoscopes, ultrasound mini-probes, and bronchoscopic navigation planning, all the way to cutting edge AI software and surgical planning software.

The expanded product portfolio includes the FDR Nano X-ray system, which is a lightweight, compact, and highly portable digital X-ray machine utilising Fujifilm’s patented imaging technologies. In addition, the FDR Xair X-ray system provides unique portability and operability which means that it can be used inside patients’ homes, nursing homes, and emergency medical care, allowing physicians time to provide optimal care to patients efficiently.

The expanded product portfolio was unveiled at the ERS International Congress in Barcelona, where respiratory experts came together to present and discuss the latest scientific and clinical advances across the entire field of respiratory medicine.

At the event, delegates were able to view the broad pulmonology portfolio at the Fujifilm exhibition booth, while also being invited to hands on training at Fujifilm’s Skills Lab Sessions.

Delegates could also visit the EndoRunner, a mobile training hub with Fujifilm equipment which travels to hospitals and conferences and offers physicians the opportunity to use their bronchoscopy solutions. Find out more about the EndoRunner at fujifilm-endoscopy.com/endorunner.

Samiran Dey, European Business Development Manager at Fujifilm Europe, said: “Fujifilm is a broad pulmonology solutions provider supporting clinicians from screening to treatment planning. With our expanding portfolio and a wide range of medical equipment we are focused on improving patient outcomes and innovating for a healthier world. By choosing Fujifilm, you can rely on one partner for your diagnostic pulmonology needs, while driving fast diagnoses through innovative products. As a trusted partner to healthcare practitioners in pulmonology, we are proudly by your side.”