Award win for Keysource and CENTIEL for project designed to underpin world-class vaccine, cell and gene therapy manufacturing capability

Edge project

Global data centre and critical infrastructure specialists, Keysource, in association with Swiss-based UPS manufacturer CENTIEL, have been named as winners of the Edge Project of the Year at the DCS Awards 2022 DCS Awards Voting. The award winners were announced at a gala dinner held at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Pauls on 26 May 2022.

The team’s work has been recognised following the completion of an installation of a truly modular, scalable, and highly efficient UPS and Electrical Infrastructure solution to help underpin growth in the government’s efforts to develop world-class, innovative vaccine research and manufacturing capability.

Scientists and researchers based in the centre will accelerate the time taken for new treatments to be delivered to patients by developing cutting-edge therapies to treat life-changing diseases.

The edge data centre that supports the essential laboratory work, is responsible for ensuring that samples and vaccines remain in optimal condition. The installation is now the first medical facility in the UK to take advantage of Li-ion batteries in combination with CENTIEL’s fourth generation three phase, true modular UPS, CumulusPowerTM which offers industry leading 99.9999999 per cent (nine nines) availability translating to just milliseconds of downtime per year.

Louis McGarry, Sales and Marketing Director, CENTIEL UK explained: “The facility runs off different energy sources from the grid, to sustainable power. This means the UPS is called on more often to provide a clean, continuous source of power to support the laboratory environment and ensure optimal conditions. Li-ion batteries offered the perfect solution as they are highly capable of cycling many times over, unlike traditional VRLA batteries, where cycling shortens their design life significantly.

Richard Clifford, Head of Solutions at Keysource, commented: “At Keysource, we deliver the finest and most efficient facilities, utilising the latest in critical power and cooling technologies. Our solutions support the latest generation of high-performance, high-density computing and have been internationally recognised as examples of best practice. We are proud to support clients that lead the development of new, innovative technologies to bolster the UK’s medical research capability. This project is a perfect example of why investing in critical infrastructure, and its protection, is essential to ensure these vital services continue to operate, now and in the future.”

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