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Hep C U Later offers new resources to help eliminate hepatitis C


The national elimination campaign is now looking for the estimated 70,000 people living with untreated hepatitis C.

Hep C U Later has been commissioned by NHS England to provide resources to help encourage testing among patients, to provide information to the public and update knowledge among clinical teams.

NHS England’s successful national elimination programme for hepatitis C has so far seen over 80,000 people found and treated through extensive work within drug and alcohol services and other areas of healthcare such as emergency departments. The elimination programme is now seeking to find the estimated 70,000 remaining people believed to be living with hepatitis C.

Risk factors for Hepatitis C can include:

  • Sharing equipment for injecting drugs
  • Having a blood transfusion prior to Sept 1991
  • Had a piercing, tattoo, or acupuncture using unsterilised equipment

Among the resources available to you are:

Additionally, follow the Hep C U Later LinkedIn page or take a look at the website  – www.hepculater.com.