Health PolicyDecember 19, 2019
NHS top priority for Boris' new government
With the echoes of Black Rod still ringing in Central Lobby from nine weeks ago, Her Majesty the Queen outlined the priorities of Boris Johnson’s new government with slightly less pomp and ceremony than usually accompanies a Queen's Speech. Unsurprisingly, the NHS was high on the list of priorities.
HealthDecember 19, 2019
Taking the digital angle
Digital transformation is now one of the key tenets of NHS progression, according to the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP). Yet for all its digital ambition, and almost a year after its publication, the LTP has failed to generate any real productivity gains for the healthcare sector.
Health PolicyDecember 19, 2019
Not quite an ocean apart: UK and US health challenges
Different time zones but the same emphasis on improvement methods. Juliette Price, Solutions Architect for Helgerson Solutions, discusses working across sectors to address the social determinants of health in the US and UK at the Public Policy Projects Annual Conference 2019.
HealthDecember 11, 2019
General Election 2019: Voting for the NHS
The NHS has become one of the most important issues for electors as they ready themselves to hit polling stations. With less than 24 hours to go, Ben Howlett, Managing Director of Public Policy Projects, offers his assessment of where the parties stand on health and care.

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