Health PolicyMay 19, 2020
Covid-19: Taking the brakes off integrated care
Covid-19 has shifted the dial of discussion surrounding integrated care. Following years of gradual change in the health and care policy landscape, the coronavirus crisis has provided the biggest impetus so far for providers to foster a new model of working. 
HealthMay 15, 2020
Covid-19 and the nation’s mental health
The global Covid-19 pandemic is a health emergency unlike any we have known in living memory. But it is also a mental health emergency, with significant immediate and long-lasting effects, writes Andy Bell, Deputy Chief Executive at the Centre for Mental Health.
Health PolicyMay 11, 2020
Social data infrastructure for AI medical research
Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven its worth in medical applications of late, as around the world it is driving Covid-19 responses from viral tracking to diagnostics to vaccine research, writes technology and innovation policy expert Ryan Khurana.

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