HealthOctober 8, 2021
Combatting regional healthcare inequalities in the NHS backlog
As the government announces plans to invest £12 billion a year for the next three years across the NHS and social care sectors, significant action can be taken to confront the elective care crisis while addressing widening disparities in care outcomes across the country.
HealthSeptember 28, 2021
Beyond the buzzwords: Accelerating digital in hospitals
With the government looking to progress health sector reform from multiple angles, the progression of digital healthcare within NHS hospitals becomes increasingly important.
HealthSeptember 23, 2021
RCS President calls for a “New Deal” for surgery
The Royal College of Surgeons of England has put forward a new proposition for elective care in the UK. Its suggested reforms could help chart a course out of the ominous backlogs currently facing the NHS. RCS President Professor Neil Mortensen spoke with David Duffy on the crisis facing UK elective
HealthMay 21, 2021
Mobile healthcare: the key to accessible diagnostics
How to deliver flexible, patient-centric services where they are needed, in a cost-effective manner. Steve Peak, Delivery and Development Director of Vanguard Healthcare Solutions, considers the issues.
Health PolicyDecember 15, 2020
Rural hospitals left in the lurk says Nuffield Trust
Hospitals in remote and rural areas face a steep climb to recover waiting lists if national pandemic measures continue to overlook long-stated workforce and capacity challenges.
Health PolicyAugust 12, 2020
Facing up to the challenge of cancer post-Covid
Ben Howlett, Managing Director of Public Policy Projects, outlines the massive impact the pandemic has had upon oncology services and direct cancer outcomes.
Health PolicyMay 22, 2020
Channelling national support to the frontline: NHS Charities Together
Over £116 million has now been donated to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal. Healthcare workers need support and the public have responded. Dan Male speaks to Ellie Orion, Chief Executive of the charity group about the spending so far and their plans for the long term.
HealthMay 20, 2020
Trust chiefs call for the Covid-19 “blame game” to stop
Following concerns from social care organisations that Covid-19 patients were being discharged unnecessarily into care homes, NHS trust chiefs have responded by calling for an end to the blame game.

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