Grant Thornton’s healthcare team is one of the most experienced in the market. We are a single, unified team which provides a full suite of services:

  • Capital Projects and Funding
  • Collaboration from NHS mergers, joint ventures and collaborative working to public-private partnerships
  • Consulting – organisational and system-wide, including social care
  • Contracting and coding
  • Health and life sciences convergence
  • Financial analysis and assurance
  • Modelling and data analytics
  • Audit
  • Tax

Health PolicyApril 21, 2020
Social and community care: The forgotten frontline
Around the country, NHS hospitals are rapidly mobilising greater capacity to deal with Covid-19. This is also true of social care departments in local authorities and NHS community services, writes Matt Custance, Partner at Grant Thornton
HealthApril 20, 2020
Covid-19 vs cost improvement planning delivery in the NHS
"Financial management and control - haven't we got enough on our plates at the moment?" is maybe something many in the NHS would say in these unprecedented times, writes Peter Saunders, Director at Grant Thornton.
Health PolicyApril 17, 2020
What's next after Nightingale?
It’s been terrific to see the NHS able to mobilise large-scale field hospitals like Nightingale in London so quickly. But these large-scale centres, while incredibly useful, are not the only way to deliver capacity writes Matt Custance, Partner at Grant Thornton.

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