Schools asked to participate in smoking, drinking and drug survey for young people

By - Integrated Care Journal
Schools asked to participate in smoking, drinking and drug survey for young people

Secondary schools across England are being asked to volunteer to take part in a statistical survey that will act as a barometer for young people’s alcohol, nicotine and drug use.

The survey will be carried out under exam conditions in roughly 500 selected schools and will include information on the percentage of pupils who have ever smoked, drunk alcohol or taken drugs.

It is one of the longest-running national surveys targeting 11 to 15-year-olds and began in 1982. The survey results have been used by the government to monitor trends and behaviours and gain a better understanding of the impact of alcohol, nicotine and drugs on children.

The 2018 report will be published by NHS Digital next year and is accredited with National Statistics status, while the survey itself will be carried out by Ipsos MORI.

The report will survey the attitudes and behaviours of secondary school pupils towards smoking, drinking and drugs and will be analysed in relation to a range of demographics including age, gender, ethnicity and geography.

Paul Niblett, NHS Digital responsible statistician, says: "Only a small time commitment is required from schools - typically one lesson period for three class groups per school. Parents are also contacted beforehand to make sure they are happy for their child to take part.

"We greatly value the input of the pupils who take part in the survey and rely on the support of participating secondary schools to produce this unique and valuable report."

More information about the SDD survey can be found on the NHS Digital website.

The 2016 report can be viewed here.