Video: Mark Essex outlines Reimagine Public Policy at KPMG

By Daniel Male - Integrated Care Journal

Public policy faces challenges, in the form of technology, demographics, geopolitics and changing consumer behaviour. Meanwhile, the unattractive trade-off between the quality of public policy and the price a nation can afford requires disruptive thinking. We believe solutions need to be bigger, bolder and more imaginative. Mark Essex, Director of Public Policy at KPMG, outlines the need to reimagine.



Our report pulls together our best ideas highlighting several opportunities and calls for more radical thinking in addressing some of the big structural and systemic problems facing our nation. These include:

  • Removing the need for any family to choose between heating and eating
  • Using a new approach to taxation that improves housing affordability, infrastructure investment, economic productivity and our social care system
  • Harnessing the innovative spirit of the UK regions to build the next global city
  • Empowering patients to take control of the way they use the NHS – and reducing its costs
  • Structuring sentencing and prisons to improve outcomes and reducing its costs
  • Incentivising local government by sharing the benefits as well as the costs of investing in future generations.

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