Community healthSeptember 24, 2020
Communications: Lessons from the pandemic?
The daily struggle to balance the personal with the professional, the despair with the optimism, and the reality with the hopes for the future is the message being received from carers on the frontline writes Daniel Casson, Digital Advisor to Care England.
Health PolicyMay 29, 2020
Test and trace: a tentative step forward
The Government has now launched its test and trace programme which Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously described would be “world-beating”. The launch has not been without its teething problems. What impact will this system have?
Health PolicyMay 11, 2020
Social data infrastructure for AI medical research
Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven its worth in medical applications of late, as around the world it is driving Covid-19 responses from viral tracking to diagnostics to vaccine research, writes technology and innovation policy expert Ryan Khurana.

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